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Tobin, Beast and Leroy: Could've Been Worse

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
April 27, 2018 - 1:10 pm


The show starts with a montage of highlights (and lowlights) from last night's NFL Draft first round. Leroy doesn't like the Baker Mayfield pick AT ALL, and compares him to Johnny Manziel and Tim Tebow. He does say the fourth overall pick of Denzel Ward has grown on him and he's ok with it. Leroy says that you have to have a canon of an arm to play in the AFC North late in the season. Beast wonders if the Dolphins would've picked Josh Rosen if he was available. Tobin was surprised the two Notre Dame offensive linemen got drafted in the top 10. All the guys like the Minkah Fitzpatrick pick. Robbie is surprised Derwin James was available at pick 15. Aaron Goldhammer, a host for ESPN Cleveland exclaimed he would eat horse poop if the Browns drafted Baker Mayfield. Robbie's Magnificent Seven. 



Kim Jong-un carries his own toilet with him wherever he goes. The guys discuss the situation for the ESPN Cleveland radio host who claimed he would eat poop if the Browns draft Mayfield. Beast found that there is a website where people can send animal poop to other people. Erik Spolestra backed up Hassan Whiteside after the Heat exit interviews. Leroy said that teams need to talk up players they may want to get rid of so the player's trade value increases. The guys discuss the Whiteside situtation with the Heat. Leroy says too many things bother Whiteside. The final 15 minutes of Heat. Tobin says Kawhi Leonard would definitely fit into Heat Culture and says he loves Josh Rosen trash talking. Robbie needs a haircut. Tobin asks if Josh Allen's tweets will come up at training camp which leads the guys to make fun of Stephen A. Smith. Leroy responds by saying that he didn't know he was going to play football when he was 15 and is thankful social media didn't exist when he was a teenager. 

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