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Tobin, Beast and Leroy: Glad They Are Gone

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
February 16, 2018 - 1:20 pm


Leroy says there's no way Beast could match Tobin's shenanigans after Beast was tempted to post on Tobin's Facebook. The guys discuss what Fox News Reporter, Laura Ingraham, said regarding Lebron speaking out about Donald Trump. The guys debate the power athletes have in the public eye. The guys discuss Dan Straily's comments saying he's glad Giancarlo Stanton and Christian Yelich are gone. Leroy says within the next few months there will be an article written about Straily saying he is a leader. Beast says he should be in the Florida Panthers' Roar Corps. Leroy tells Tobin, "You haven't seen entertainment unitl you see a six-year-old twerking."  Leroy gets distracted by the food around him. Beast wants Tobin to do a show after he gives blood and is wozzy. Leroy tells a story about a time he moved. Tobin tells a story about when his crib flew out of his car on 441. Tobin refers to his wife as "old pregers." Tobin's wife was actually listening to the show when Tobin called her "big and pregnant" and "old pregers". Robbie makes his Magnificent Seven picks. Leroy says teams stay in the same hotel when they play on the road due to convenience. 


The guys discuss the fiddler crab. Leroy is excited to see Black Panther. Leroy has a very sophisticated system for saving money on candy at the movies. Tobin is critical of Dan Straily's comments. Leroy asks Beast what the difference is between several different winter olympic sports. Leroy says he wouldn' be Stanley C. Panther, but rather Stanley B. Panther. The guys discuss the upcoming three point contest. Leroy says it would've been funny to put Dee Gordon next to Jumbo Diaz. Tobin thought the Pahokee baseball team was [pretty cool] for calling out their positions when Tobin's team played them in hish school. Tobin does his best Goran Dragic impersonation for this weekend's All Star Game. Beast is worried that he won't be able to tell which team he's supposed to root for between Slovakia and Slovenia in olympic hockey. The guys discuss getting their undercarriage checked. The guys make their Doom Box picks. Beast isn't looking forward to it. Leroy's doom box papers flew away during the segment and Leroy had to chase after them. 


Beast and Tobin discuss who would have the better first pitch. They agree you have to throw a first pitch from the mound rather than in front of the mound. Tobin wants to go to Europe, Beast doesn't want to go to Kazakistan. Beast and Tobin discuss what a columnist from Jonesboro, AR said about Miami not playing Arkansas St. this past year due to Irma and Arkansas St. suing Miami. Tobin impersonates the columnist who goes by @wallylikeitis on Twitter. Tobin calls Arkansas St. a pimple. Tobin then makes fun of Paul Finebaum's dance moves. 



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