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Tobin, Beast, and Leroy: Happy To Be A Miami Dolphin

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
September 28, 2017 - 12:43 pm


It's Thursday Night Football and..... the guys are talking about whether holidays are legit if you have to go in to work that day. Beast is getting on a co-host for asking Yom Kippur off and says he better not be on social media. Tobin and Leroy ask if he'll be watching the Canes game during the holiday, to much silence. They then start sharing wedding stories, I guess they're tired of talking Wade and LeBron. They play the Lawerence Timmons press conference and his non answers. Leroy is furious with the questions being asked of him and the reporters thinking they'd get something out of him. Tobin shows Beast and Leroy a video of a shark attack.


The guys talk about the backstabber Dwyane Wade. Tobin says he'll fight Leroy if he dares to enter the studio with Dwyane Wade Cavs jersey. Tobin's daughter weighs in on Wade situation. The guys rummage through the Doom Box to get thier teams, picks are tomorrow. Leroy has another week of a Browns game. The guys talk about the death of Hugh Hefner and wonder who's going to own the Playboy Mansion now. The guys play some Adam Gase sound, he also says Timmons is happy to be here. Beast talks about the only physical fight that he's been in.



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