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Tobin, Beast, and Leroy: Having Fun?

Joined by Paul Malignaggi

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
October 12, 2017 - 12:56 pm


Happy Doom Box Thursday everyone. The guys are in and Tobin is talking about a pretty embarrsing experience of wearing socks and slides at the gym. Leroy makes fun of Beast for owning multiple Crocs and accerorizing them as well. The guys wonder why there isn't a Chinatown in Miami, then Tobin finds out that North Miami is getting one, asks for the sales team to let them have a Chinatown Monday. Shannon Briggs calls out Tyson Fury while wearing a ninja mask. The guys talk about the food at mall food courts. Paulie Malignaggi joins the guys. Is Jay Cutler having fun?


Tobin wonders if the Jags should trade for Eli Manning. The guys draw from The Doom Box and of course, you already know who Leroy got. Tobin is still out here hate watching the Cavs, says LeBron won't play the season opener cause he doesn't want to get embarrassed by Kyrie. Beast shows the guys a picture of his son dressed up like Groot. The guys talk about the Heat game last night and the perfomance of Justise Winslow. Leroy and Beast nerd out over Star Wars. Robbie makes one his Doom Box picks, taking the Panthers.

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