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Tobin, Beast and Leroy: Imploding

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
January 12, 2018 - 2:54 pm


Show opens with sound bites from the Raptors' obliteration of the Cavs. The Heat continue to creep. Leroy says Isaiah Thomas isn't getting 30 million. The guys break down the news that Dion Waiters is having season-ending surgery. Bills fired their offensive coordinator and Leroy wonders if the Bills think their players are better than they are. Matt Hasselbeck is calling the Pro Bowl which the guys wonder if it is an audition for Monday Night Football. Beast loves him some Tony Romo football commentary. Tobin says there's nothing special about Romo's commentary. The guys look forward to this weekend's NFL playoff games. Robbie's rules haunt Leroy. The guys discuss Leveon Bell's comments about his contract. The Dolphins fired their RB's coach, arguably their best position over the past two seasons according to Tobin. The guys debate if running backs are expendable. A Blake Bortles pass gets compared to a Jenga block. The guys say the one player they would pick in an expansion draft from the remaining playoff teams, not including QBs. Robbie says "The only way out is through" when he gives his Magnificent Seven picks after last weekends debacle. Beast has trouble being able to tell if people are Haitian. 


Tobin mentions the fact that Case Keenum could quarterback the Vikings to the Superbowl. The guys talk about QBs who came out of nowhere to be successful. Beast doesn't like parsley. Tobin says Mike Tyson has helped his image. Tonya Harding is fining reporters 25k for asking her about her past... when the movie, I Tonya is about her past. Beast doesn't want to go to Boston with his boot. The Heat play the Bucks on Sunday and Tobin takes Heat culture over Greek culture. The guys debate if the Heat's record over their past 82 games is important. Tobin's son's favorite thing to do is dig in the dirt with his bare hands. Leroy broke up two iguanas mating. The guys make their Doom picks for the weekend. Leroy wants the Titans to show some pride against the Patriots. 

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