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Tobin, Beast and Leroy: Need a Break

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
February 15, 2018 - 12:07 pm


The guys open the show talking about yesterday's horrific event that took place at Stoneman Douglas yesterday afternoon. Tobin said once he found out the number of deaths, it was a gut punch. Leroy says emotions are a good thing because it helps people recover from something devastating. Beast says when you know people nvolved in somthing like yesterday it hits close to home. "When it happens in your backyard, and your friends are getting texts from their daughters hiding in closets." Tobin brings up that he felt things would be different after 9/11 and says school shootings don't feel the same due to all of the school shootings that have been occuring. Leroy says people tend to not pay attention to issues until it happens to you or close to you. Tobin wants the Dolphins to sign Sebastian Janikowski. Leroy goes through the guys' group texts from last night's Heat-Sixers game. The guys talk about what went wrong last night for the Heat. The guys discuss if Ndamukong Suh really wants to play for the Eagles "for free." Robbie really wants the Dolphins to draft Roquan Smith. Tobin says there should be a rule that if a team drafts an offensive lineman in the first-round they shouldn't be allowed to for the next five years. Beast breaks the news that 790 will now be broadcasting Miami Hurricane baseball. The guys want a Mark Light shake. Tobin analyzes what the guys saw on the nature channel during the first break. Beast mentions that the Packers might be getting rid of Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb and the guys try to figure out where they'll end up. The guys make their Doom Box picks. Beast does not like the games Robbie puts in the DoomBox. Tobin doesn't want to see the new KFC commerical with Reba McEntire as the colonel one more time. 


Leroy asks Tobin where Reba ranks in the ginger Hall of Fame and Tobin has none of it. The guys try to figure out who is in the ginger Hall of Fame. Tobin is tired of UFC going to bummy places and not Miami. Tobin and Beast want the kangaroo fight on the undercard. The guys discuss what would happen if Beast fought a kangaroo. Beast says he would get punted into the first row. Leroy says Tobin will show Beast a picture of a small, cute kangaroo and then buff kangaroo will actually be the one fighting. Tobin responds, "I'm not responsible for what he does during training." The guys discuss the Rondo- I.T. fued last night. Tobin says the Celtics could've won a championship with Norris Cole instead of Rajon Rondo. Chris Bosh was on First Take today and he insists that he is not done playing. The guys debate where Bosh would go if he is somehow cleared. The guys discuss the Marlins' financial situation and Tobin says the Marlins weren't that far away. The guys bring up the kangaroo fight again. 




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