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Tobin, Beast and Leroy: Please Come Back

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
December 14, 2017 - 12:50 pm


Tobin makes a new parody song begging for Jeffrey Loria to come back. Beast is going to see Star Wars with 4 friends and not his son and his son is suspecting something fishy going on. Robbie has to pay off his waterboy punishment. Tommorow is the first day in the NBA when new contracts can be traded and the guys suspect if Pat Riley will make any moves. Tobin wonders if Frank Gore is going to have anything for tonight after carrying the ball 36 times in the snow 4 days ago. David Samson defends Derek Jeter in his interview with the Dan Le Betard show and the guys break down his comments. The guys go to the Doombox and draw their upcoming NFL games they have to pick for the weekend.


Beast starts parousing the Capital Grille Menu in anticipation to tonight's big feast. Disney bought a bunch regional sports networks from Fox as well as Deadpool which is rated R and Beast foolishly suspects that Disney will make a behind the scenes edition of Beauty of the Beast. Tobin gets into a heated debate with the guys on Star Wars saying why do they need lightsabers if they have the force. Robbie gives some facts about water. The guys do a litte 15 minutes of Heat and wonder what move if any Pat Riley will make. The guys wonder if Wayne Ellington's play makes him valuable if the Heat want to attach him to a bad contract to dump. The guys got into a heated debate about whether shooting and scoring are the same thing. Beast wants to make a rule about the point system for the show.

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