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Tobin, Beast and Leroy: Salty Beast

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
December 12, 2017 - 11:38 am


Dolphins took that Patriot ass on Monday Night. Looks like Leroy was right in taking the Dolphins this week. Tobin rewards him with a point on the scoreboard. Beast is super annoyed with everyone in the building making fun of his Patriots. Tobin hasn't stoppped mocking Beast since he came into the parking lot. Tobin takes over headlines by playing sound of Bill Belichick being surly with the media. Tobin has a problem with Dead Beat Jeets being at the Dolphins game instead of being at the Winter Meetings.


Tobin is loving this Tuesday outside of the fact that he had to watch the Stanton press conference yesterday. The guys talk about the whole situation with the house of Chris Bosh's mother and wonder if Chris Bosh is real life Heisenburg. Tobin starts to wonder who in the league is most likely to have a drug ring. Tobin is still angry about Jeter at the Dolphins game, which leads to a conversation about if any owner in Miami gets thier own Publix Sub. Beast went to Flannigans for the game last night and they had a policy that they dont put the sound of the games on and Beast had issues with that. The guys start having an arguement about John Heisman and if he had the best stiff arm.

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