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Tobin, Beast, and Leroy: Smooth Operator

Joined by D.J. Williams and George Foreman

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
October 03, 2017 - 12:42 pm


It's Tuesday, so that means D.J. Williams is joining the guys in the studio. Tobin comes after D.J.'s boy Jay Cutler. Tobin is still not happy about Dead Beat Jeets being the owner and doesn't like that Mike Hill is still employed. They talk about LaVar Ball pulling his son LaMelo from school, and Tobin applauds him cause teacher meetings suck. That bastard Jeffrey Loria gets a billion dollars AND takes his bobbleheads as well and Tobin isn't happy. Jeter says a lot of nothing in his press conference, but when you put some sexy music behind it, it becomes something else. The guys wonder what Jeter exactly means about the rebuild of this team. Why haven't the Titans given a look at Kaepernick with Mariota being out.


The guys talk about the death of Tom Petty. The guys talk about what the Marlins can get for the players they have know, to rebuild thier farm system. They play sound of Adam Gase saying Jay Cutler is getting too much of the blame this early. D.J. says that Cutler's interception shouldn't count against him. The guys talk about who would win a fight, George Foreman or Steven Seagal? D.J. says to throw in Jackie Chan and Chuck Norris while they're at it. The guys try to get George Foreman on to settle this dispute. George Foreman delivers and joins the show/


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