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Tobin, Beast and Leroy: These Damn Marlins

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
November 30, 2017 - 12:22 pm


It's Leroy's day of reckoning, as it's his first turn at the dartboard this football season, Tobin hopes that he lands on the Dead Beat Jeets. Robbie has a suggestion that Beast thinks is stupid. Tobin talks about the threats the Marlins keep throwing at Giancarlo Stanton. The guys talk the whole Matt Lauer fiasco. The guys talk about all the coaches declining the Tennessee job, plus Lane Kiffen trolling them on twitter. Leroy talks about how he doesn't like coffee. They play sound of Chris Perkins grilling Jay Cutler. Tobin hates these handsome bastards that come into Miami trying to own teams (Beckham and Jeets). The guys draw from the Doom Box.


Leroy talks about watching a Hallmark movie with his wife, and realizing how badly Jasmine Guy has aged. The guys talk about whether Kirk Cousins or Eli Manning will play for the Jaguars next season. They talk about Jimbo Fisher possibly taking the Texas A&M job. News break on the Marlins trying to send Stanton to San Francisco. Tobin doesn't understand how Mike Hill still has a job while everyone else gets fired. The Heat struggled against the Knicks last night. Goran sounded a little winded after the game and it's got Tobin a bit worried. The guys wonder what are the changes that are going to be made. Leroy steps up to the dartboard and gets a punishment everyones been waiting for.


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