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Tobin, Beast and Leroy: Time to Dance

Joined by Adam Beasley

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
March 15, 2018 - 1:17 pm


Tobin is worried how Robbie will function today due to the beginning of March Madness. Tobin and Beast are impressed with Robbie's setup in the studio for today's game, which includes an iPad stand. Robbie and Beast are worried about today's Canes' game against Loyola-Chicago. Tobin predicts Mike Pouncey will be a Pittsburgh Steeler within five hours. Tobin and Beast argue whether Pouncey's red flags are an issue or not. After last night's loss to the Kings, Tobin says the motto for the Miami Heat should be, "Win with the best of them, and lose with the worst of them." Tobin says he would feel fine playing the Raptors in the first round of the NBA playoffs, and can definitely see the Raptors being the team to lose in the first round as a 1-seed. Tobin and Beast claim Kosta Koufos is the ugliest player in the NBA. Tobin says he won't miss Mike Pouncey playing for the Dolphins. Tobin says Koufos' wife looks like Gene Simmons, but Beast says Koufos "outkicked his coverage." The guys try to figure out which Loyola school is the OG one. Tobin says if the Canes' lose to Loyola-Chicago, Jim Larranaga will be on the hot seat. Beast doesn't understand how Creighton is in the Big East. Tobin and Beast discuss if Vernon Carey's son will come to Miami to play basketball.  


Tobin and Beast say Jay Bilas doesn't like Miami and Tobin says Bilas has out grown calling college basketball games. Tobin is excited about Floyd Mayweather potentially fighting Connor Mcgregor in MMA. Tobin's kids are in to The Ellen Show. 15 minutes of Miami Heat. Tobin and Beast discuss if Erik Spolestra can help the Heat even more than he already is and Tobin references pottery. Adam Beasley joins the show and discusses the Mike Pouncey situation, new center Daniel Kilgore, Ryan Tannehill, roster turnover and the NFL Draft. Beasley says the first four picks could all be QBs. Beasley roasts Beast. 

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