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Tobin, Beast and Leroy: Winslow Culture

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
March 06, 2018 - 1:16 pm


Tobin gives himself credit for the Heat's win calling it a "reverse jinx." Then Robbie and Tobin act out a conversation they think Winslow and Dragic had before the Suns game. Ed Hochuli is going to retire, but his son is going to try to replace him. Justise Winslow has been playing well lately and receives credit for it. Tobin takes issue with Stephen Ross' comments calling Miami a bad sports town. The guys question what part of Ross' other comments could actually be misconstrued and how the anthemn protests are still affecting the NFL. Beast thinks Miami is not a bad sports town, it is just a "different" one. 


Tobin thinks that if Jarvis Landry doesn't work out with the Dolphins that Allen Robinson would be a good addition. Kirk Cousins is going to get offered a massive contract, Beast doesn't undertand why average quarterbacks get so much money. The guys wonder if Whiteside and Winslow can keep up the solid play from the last few games. Tobin talks about how Heat fans view Justise. A great debate is started, does an Octopus have 8 arms or 8 legs? Tobin and Beast also argue if the crab is the most interesting sea creature. A Commissioner in Miami is worried about the new Marlins ownership group, leading to the guys to reminisce about Loria's letter telling fans how to behave years ago. Tobin words a letter he thinks Stephen Ross and Jeffrey Loria should write to the fans in Miami.

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