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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: 26 TDs?

Joined by D.J. Williams

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
August 08, 2017 - 1:23 pm


Beast says he is fired up for the Guns and Roses concert. Beast reveales he loves the Go Go Squeeze. DJ Williams loves Jay Cutler and doesn't want the crew making fun of "his guy." The guys try to recreate Jay Cutler buying cigarettes at the store. Branden Albert wants back on the Jaguars and DJ says he just wants to get cut and get the $3.4 Million. DJ says the biggest misconception about Jay Cutler is that he has no personality. DJ says he is defending Jay Cutler at all costs because he wants to be his handler. The guys can't get enought of ESPN 8 the Ocho. Tobin reveals he went to Chucky Cheese over the weekend and says the pop a shot and the touchdown machine are rigged. DJ tells a classic Jay Cutler story when DJ was in Chicago. DJ has trouble speaking with his invisalign on and reveals he accidentaly spit on someone's lip at brunch because of it. DJ Williams wants in on the Dartboard of Doom.


Tobin brings up a story of a restaraunt offering discounted shrimp for large "cup sizes" of the ladies. Leroy says there is no such thing as a "quick healer." Tobin sounds off on the subtweeter Lebron James. David Griffin says Lebron and Kyrie are better off apart. DJ Williams is confident Jay Cutler will throw for over 26 TD's and is willing to go to the Dartboard of Doom. The guys wonder if Jay Cutler could throw 26 INTs and the guys wonder what the record is and they are flabbergasted that George Blanda threw 42 INT's in a season. Beast got creepy over Joy Taylor on his Saturday saying "Daddy Likey" and the guys let him know about it.

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