Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: #3rdHour!

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
January 03, 2019 - 1:25 pm


Code Words are back. Tobin asks Beast if he snitched on the #3rdHour. Beast has inside info on one of the Canes OC canditdates Major Applewhite. Tobin reminds the show that he is the same guy who took the coat away from Ed Oliver. Leroy had a situation this morning with the bubble guts. Leroy claims he has only thrown up once in his life. Leroy explains the situation with Jim Harabaugh at Michigan. How many good lefty QB's are there? Jakeem Grant vouching for Darren Rizzi as Head Coach. Would you trade 2 1st round picks for John Harabaugh or Lamar Jackson?


Dion Waiters came back last night and the guys argue about if he complained about minutes afterwards. Tobin poses the question if there is a Cleveland radio host that is team petty for Lebron leaving again. Will Wayne Ellington get traded? How should you feel as a Canes fan if your new DC comes from Louisiana Tech? Robbie gives some insignt on the LA Tech Defense which makes the rest of the guys question how he knows that information. Tyler Johnson playing himself into a valuable asset? It turns out Beast was sabotaging the #3rdHour this whole time. Boss approves the #3rdHour for good.


#3rdHour is official. Robbie explains why he doesn't have new Crocs yet. Dwyane Wade second in NBA guards in All-Star Voting. What would happen if Adam Gase took the Jets job and turned them around? Ryan Clark says Antonio Brown is all about himself and he foresaw this sitiation coming once he got the contract. Doom Picks for the weekend.

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