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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Baker or Bust?

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
March 14, 2018 - 12:48 pm


Today is Baker Mayfield's pro day and Tobin is beyond excited. The guys disagree with what someone can get away with at the combine, mainly whether one can say they're taller than they actually are. The text line keeps getting Leroy's career facts wrong. Tobin continues to go about proving measurements at the combine are irrelevant. The Dolphins continue to create more cap space and the guys discuss what the teams biggest needs. Leroy continues to mock Beast for calling himself a "giver." Robbie also calls out Beast for trying the old reverse jinx on the Patriots. Danny Amendola comes under fire for possibly being a spy. The guys also go through the Dolphins history of tight ends. Beast says "unequivocably" that if the Browns draft a QB at #1 that he will fail. Tobin does an Adam Gase impression. The ever so popular "Robbie's draft room" is back, in today's episode he examines wide receivers.  


The Heat have a revenge game tonight against the Kings. Justise Winslow is continuing to play very well, keeping "Winslow culture" going strong. Tobin questions whether the Dolphins have had a good linebacker since the days of Zach Thomas. Leroy thinks living in a world with super heros would be terrifying. The guys then go into quite an interesting discussion on super heros. The Miami Heat whale watch is still officially on for Kawhi Leonard... at least according to Tobin. Leroy wants the Heat to play the Cavs in the first round. A bunch of Dwyane Wade's teammates before the big 3 get some love. The guys reveal their doom box picks for March Madness games. 

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