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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Derby Day

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
July 10, 2017 - 12:53 pm


It's All-Star Week in Miami! Tobin is surprised more people aren't excited about tonight's Home Run Derby. Is the impending sale of the Marlins affecting the excitement around the All Star festivities? Robbie gives out the Home Run Derby odds. Heat had to pay Dallas to take McRoberts. Leroy thinks Mayweather won't stop fighting so he can pay his tax bill. The first Mayweather-McGregor press conference is tomorrow and Tobin wants McGregor to dress up as Uncle Sam for the press conference. ESPN's Pedro Gomez joins the show to discuss the E:60 piece he did on Jose Ferndandez. The guys discuss extreme cycling. Massive crash at the Tour de France. Tobin's theory about sharks if the water is shallow, he's fine. However, this weekend, he was bumped by a fin in the water. Tobin claims it was a tuna or a shark. Leroy thinks it was a tarpon. The guys try to solve the case of what fish Tobin encountered


The case is solved! Tobin was bumped by bonito fish. Leroy doesn't mess with going in the water. Tobin wants to see Justin Bour embarrass Aaron Judge in tonights Home Run Derby. Peeing on a jellyfish sting is a myth. Leroy pitches a Home Run Derby by position. Should baseball showcase players who are known for hitting home runs or players who have the most home run in the Home Run Derby? The guys wonder what it would be like if Josh McRoberts was a co-host on the show. Tobin is surprised that there are stores in the mall now that sell samuari swords. The Godfather Pat Riley speaks about missing out on Hayward, signing James Johnson and Dion Waiters, and how Kelly Olynyk will fit in with the team. Tobin is pumped! The guys watch epic karate fails. Tobin finally comes around on how lame kicks are. Retroactive point for Leroy. Tobin saw someone attempt triple roundhouse kick at a class over the weekend. Floyd Mayweather has no money to pay the IRS? Is the McGregor fight the tax break for Mayweather? Tobin wonders if Mayweather would take a dive. The UFC main event got cancelled over the weekend. Pay-per-view price for Mayweather-McGregor is announced. The three buyers are still in for the Marlins? Leroy dosen't think the sale happens before March. What stunt will Loria pull? 

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