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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Deuces

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
June 26, 2017 - 2:13 pm


Tobin calls Adam Gase a liar for denying that he reached out to Peyton Manning after Tannehill got injured. Leroy takes Matt Moore over washed-up Peyton Manning. Beast reveals he was getting stretched this morning and the guys think its hilarious. Tobin isn't excited about any of the possible free agents. John McEnroe says Serena would be 700th in the men's pool. Would Floyd Mayweather vs. Ronda Rousey get any pay-per-view buys? Leroy doesn't understand the profane acceptance speeches at the BET Awards. Tobin says Brad Stevens is overrated, cites a Boston bias. Leroy and Beast argues if there is such thing as too much "happy time." Who are the elite coaches in the NBA? Should James Johnson be at least a finalist for Most Improved Player? Robbie reveals he bet on wrestling before. Klay Thompson and Victor Oladipo ger humiliated. Hassan Whiteside is in Paris and asks the Mona Lisa if she knows that no one else is doing it with blocks. Hassan really needs his own travel show. Does Gronk get a pass because he's Gronk? Koa Misi is chasing sea turtles. Beast hates cats. Tom and Jerry has gone down hill. Leroy likes seeing the nice cars in Transformers not the Transformers themselves.     


The guys have a rating scale for dealing with females who have dealt with a messy situation. This leads to an epic segment filled with laughter in which Beast struggles to get through the headlines without laughing. Tebow getting promoted is a money-grabbing scheme by the Mets. Does Dwyane Wade regret opting in with Chicago after the Jimmy Butler trade? Wade being stuck with Rondo must drive him crazy. If Wade gets bough out by Chicago, does he return to Miami? Leroy thinks there's no chance. Beast thinks Wade should come back in a UD role. Would Dwyane come off the bench with the Heat? Dwyane Wade going to a contender means he knows he will be a role player. Tobin thinks Wade will value playing for a fan base that loves him more than money or playing for a contender. Leroy says athletes are the most petty. Leroy got a women's opinion on the messy situation discussion. Women don't care. Stanton Home Run Derby ads are catering to women. Tobin is calling out Aaron Judge to make sure he partipates in the Home Run Derby in Stanton's house. A Bellator fight was called because someone stole a figher's stool. Tobin ran into the leaner from the flight home. The guys get into another classic argument on the plausibility of Star Wars. 

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