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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Dive on the Floor

Joined by Solo D

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
February 20, 2018 - 12:45 pm


Leroy was disturbed at a text Beast sent last night about a man in the gym who went to use the urinal whith his shorts at his ankles. Tobin brings up a story of an airplane that had to do an emergency landing because a man was passing too much gas. This leads to a story of Beast passing mad gas on a Canes charter flight from Boston to which everyone was looking at him when the plane landed. Beast brings up the FBI investion of College Basketball and Tobin says why are they wasting their time when there is real danger out there. Is there any real consequences is getting a National Championship vacated. The guys debate if Jeffrey Loria would have sold the Marlins if Jose Fernandez had not passed. Solo D joins the show to talk about his new track tributing Stoneman Douglas. Coach Kool leaves Miami for Alabama and Beast says that there are some real smileys in the SEC.


Jim Larrañaga gives a fired up pre-game speech about diving on the floor which he demonstrates himself. Tobin says nobody is better at speeches than Larrañaga. The guys relive the epic speech Mark Richt had about swag prior to the game against Appalachian State. Jeff Fisher's name comes up and this to a wormhole about coaches who keep getting jobs. Dwane Casey compares Bam Adebayo to Shawn Kemp. Leroy wonder whos minutes will be cut on the Heat when Rodney McGruder and Kelly Olynyk come back. Tobin compares Bam to a mythical creature. Beast had way too much pulled pork. Leroy didn't think Fergie's national anthem was that bad. The guys break down Baker Mayfield having dinner with the Dolphins. UFC Fighter Derrick Lewis has another epic postfight interview.

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