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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: The End?

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
June 08, 2018 - 2:16 pm


Beast starts the show bashing Ovechkin. Leroy says he loves watching greatness and even has a boat filled with great athletes. Tobin calls him a frontrunner. Beast says he might have to go streaking if the Cavs get swept. Jarvis Landry says the Browns QBs are better than the ones he had in Miami. Tobin would love to see the Patriots in a steroid scandal. Mike Gesicki not looking good in minicamp, are Dolphins TEs cursed? Rob Gronkowski might get traded. Robbie gives his Magnificent 7 picks for the weekend. Tobin hates it when fighters miss weight


Lars Eller rises in the ginger power rankings. Tobin hopes the finals end tonight so the free agency rumors begin. Hassan Whiteside is on snapchat again. The guys assess the possible trade scenarios involving Hassan. Julian Edelman makes a statement about his suspension. Tobin finds a list of  Lebron free agency odds to be bogus. Bryan Colangelo throws his wife under the bus. Leroy hoped the Cavs to win tonight so that Tobin doesn't have 2 full days to come up with trade rumors. Tobin says Shane Battier would be dead to him if took the Philly job and brought Lebron there. The guys make their doom picks for the weekend. 

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