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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Fake Rookie

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
April 11, 2018 - 1:35 pm


The show opens with a discussion about Ben Simmons vs Donovan Mitchell. The Goran Dragic impersonation is brought out again. The guys talk about how good Bam Adebayo can really be. Leroy wants to take a roadtrip to Cleveland. Tobin doesn't understand how Boban Marjanovic isn't the best thing in basketball right now and tries to impersonate him. Tobin also thinks Embiid's trash talk to Whiteside will keep him engaged throughout a potential series. Leroy is worried about what Hassan's effort level will be in the playoffs. Will Dwyane Wade be able to close games for the Heat in the postseason once again? Leroy thinks that Robbie's jokes the last few days are swingin and missing like Stanton has lately. Beast claims his people up north say the Celtics do not want to face the Heat in the first round. Tobin has not been impressed by the Sixers win streak to end the season. 


Tobin and Leroy argue about how much intangibles matter in the playoffs. Leroy would've felt more confident in the Heat going into the playoffs last year than he is this year. The guys all take a guess at what the Marlins lowest counted attendance will be this season. The show also airs a classic rant over Colin Cowherd's thoughts on the Heat's big three era and more. Tobin wants to go to Dolphins headquarters on draft night so he can hangout with Adam Gase, while also wearing a Broncos jersey. A psychic said Baker Mayfield will get drafted by the Cardinals. Leroy and Beast contemplate bringing a psychic on the show to give sports hot takes. Tobin brings up a bet he made with Leroy, about Wade's three point shooting vs Winslow's. Beast brings up Toys R Us somehow during 15 minutes of Heat. The guys want to broadcast from Beast's new inflatable pool. Robbie has a hot take about Ben Simmon's Australianism. Tobin is still frustrated that Gase gave up on Ajayi. There is an absolutely wild story about Tristan Thompson going around right now. Leroy tells a story about a bad experience at Pollo Tropical to end the show.

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