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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: How to Punish Leroy

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
March 27, 2017 - 2:43 pm


Producer Robbie made a miraculous comeback in the Midday Show bracket pool thanks to Oregon and Leroy is in last place "drawing dead" with no points to gain and the guys try to figure out what Leroy's punishment should be. Tobin admits to singing Phil Collins "Sussudio" out loud in the gym and getting weird looks from the muscle heads. Tobin says its a top 10 song of all time. Tobin says the fix was in with the refs at the NBA replay center with that goaltending call against the Heat last night. The guys talk about Goran's shooting percentage drop since Dion Waiters inury. A texter asks why Dion Waiters doesn't wear high tops which drove Beast crazy and Tobin agrees with texter leading into another heated debate. Tobin goes through the rest of the Heat's schedule and points out the must wins. 


Tobin rants on Adrian from Rocky for being an usopportive wife. The guys get into it regarding what Jarvs Landry is looking for in a new deal. Leroy is adament that Jarvis Landry should not be paid like a top 5 reciever and Beast disagrees noting supply and demand. The guys adress the state of the Heat's bench in 15 minutes of Heat and how the Heat would matchup in the playoffs. Tobin brings up the differences in personalities between LaVar and Lonzo Ball with Lonzo seem to not wanting any part of being on First Take. The guys debate Russell Westbrook vs James Harden as MVP. Tobin calls James Jones a rat bastard for organizing Lebron and his exodous to Cleveland. Tobin compares the Heat's bench to the Cavs.

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