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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: It Had to be Asked

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
April 18, 2017 - 2:48 pm


Tobin, Leroy and Beast open the show talking about why Leroy’s mouth is on fire. Should you not eat before you go to the dentist? The timer of Beast annoying Leroy only got to four minutes today. The guys move on to talk about whether or not the Cavs should be worried about anyone in the East. Tobin also brings up Paul George and his postgame comments about his teammates. Mark Richt also espouses more wisdom in his daily clips. Paul George gives scorching comments on his teammates and Tobin says the Heat shouldn’t go after him because he got catfished. Leroy poses the question if the Heat would rather have Gordon Hayward or Paul George? The guys ask if Pat Riley would take Paul George. Dion Waiters and James Johnson had some encouraging comments yesterday about possibly staying and taking less money. What are the best yard games? Is cornhole top 3? ESPN Cleveland has a poll that asks will they give up the number one pick for Ryan Tannehill. The results may or may not be shocking.


Tobin, Leroy and Beats open up Hour 2 talking about the new law in North Korea that doesn’t allow anyone in North Korea to copy Kim Jong Un’s hair-do. Tobin introduces some 790 on 790 crime and Beast doesn’t take it well. Beast lashes out on Zaslow and Tobin. Beast calls Tobin a two-face. Beast also says that Tobin has to choose between the morning show and the Mid-day show… The guys give a play by play of an animal encounter. Tobin also introduces the debauchery that went on in Conor Mcgregor’s hotel room. David Fizdale’s rant from the press conference last night. Tobin also introduces the Pacman jones sound of him berating a reporter for his out of bounds question. Leroy has always had a problem with reporters prying into the lives of athletes and especially this situation where there is an active court case going on. Beast is adamant that those questions have to get asked which leads to another heated debate between Beast and Leroy. The guys laugh at the latest Stephen A. Smith sound where he explodes on the entire Knicks franchise after a slow build-up. Leroy has more confidence in the Cavs then he did before but he is worried about the Milwaukee Bucks.

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