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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Margaritaville

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
April 18, 2018 - 12:57 pm


Beast pays his punishment and is in an icy margarita bath. The guys break down what a potential Joel Embiid return will impact the Sixers in the series. If the Cavs lose tonight, will Lebron quit on the series? Tobin says the Brady news about him not committing about playing next year is all fake news and a way for Adam Schefter to get attention. Beast gets in the tub and shenanigans ensue. Is Giancarlo going to turn it around after he stunk it up last night? Leroy says its the dumbest question to ask the athlete how they feel.


Beast gives his recap of what it was like in the Margarita Bath. Beast admits he has shower wipes in his office and the guys are perplexed. The guys get into an argument about wiping. The guys wonder if Lewis Brinson would be better off in the Minors to fix his swing. Is Joel Embiid playing or not playing for Game 3. Tobin says he is happy that he is facing the Sixers and not the Celtics in Round 1 and Beast tries to Box him in with Tobin's rankings. Tobin goes on another rant on how overrated Brad Stevens is. Tobin goes behind the scenes on how the Margarita Bath was made. Will Dwyane Wade have another performance like he did in Game 2? The guys wonder if "role players don't travel" is a thing. Tobin says the lady who catfished Chris "Birdman" Anderson while he was on the Nuggets deserves a ring because that led to him joining the Heat. Tobin wonders if Kung Fu is made up? This leads to a debate about blackbelts.

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