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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Must Win

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
February 13, 2019 - 12:31 pm


Beast has never seen East Bound Down or the Office. A lot of people in Game of Thrones have no deals. Flacco traded to Denver. John Elway has missed on a lot of QBs aside from Peyton Manning. Dwyane Wade questionable with illness. Can coaches tell the truth between February and April. Michael Vick vs Lamar Jackson. Head kick debate rages again with Leroy. Beast and Leroy do fumble demonstrations. Manny Diaz hanging out with Jimmy Johnson.


Tobin wants the next Turnover Chain be Jimmy Johnson face. J.T Realmuto smug with the Phillies. Catcher MVPs. Tobin still mad at the Giants for the Scott Cousins fiasco back in 2011. Will the Mavs honor Dwyane Wade. Wade's last dance way cooler than Dirk's. Romberg said this AM that Bosh should not have his jersey hung up becase he crippled the organization. Matt Kuchar being cheap with his caddie?


Lakers might not make the playoffs. Joel Embiid rips the refs but did not use the Spo tactic. Beast recounts some of the almost fights he got into in the radio biz. Clint Eastwood movies. Heat really need Dwyane Wade to win. Jimmy Johnson loves Manny Diaz. Matt Patricia trying not to be on Hard Knocks. Rocky 5 debate. Tommy Morrison 30 for 30 was crazy. Beast sent his wife flowers day before Valentine's to save money. Jose Canseco bigfoot chase.

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