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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Nine Hour Workout

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
May 16, 2018 - 1:56 pm


Tobin is basking in the glory of the Cavs getting their ass kissed. Dan Gilbert's good luck charm is too old and wore off. Leroy is back from Jamaica and said so much weed was being smoked and people wear clothes that don't fit and stuff shows. Tobin says there is some beef between Don Mattingly and Wei-Yin Chen. Leroy takes away someone's man card in Jamaica. Beast gets the code words wrong on his first day as Assistant Program Director. After last night's Draft Lottery the Kyrie Irving trade is officially terrible for the Cavs. Tobin suspects the couple in Jamaica who had the lady's dad staying with them that there is something kinky. Tobin says he is going snorkeling and Leroy and Beast lose it.


Tobin say's Father's Day is nowhere near as important as Mother's Day. Leroy goes off when Tobin suggests that Lebron does not want to be in the Finals. New Dolphins TE Durham Smythe from Notre Dame says Canes fans threw stuff at the team bus and they had not prepared for that atmosphere. Beast was so proud that it felt like an old school atmosphere at the Orange Bowl. Ty Lue says the Celtics are "gooning the game up" and that the Cavs need to do the same. Tobin calls out Nick Saban for calling out UCF. Tobin says Nick Saban has a button fly. Leroy says the button fly is the worst invention ever. Beast gets grilled again for not thanking the show for his promotion.


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