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Tobin, Leroy and Beast: Out of Excuses

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
October 04, 2017 - 3:03 pm



The guys start the show off with some UM v FSU talk, and move into the mystery of the dueling Auburn mascots - the Tiger, and the War Eagle. Should Michigan have a live Wolverine on their sideline? The guys start to plan a trip to Cleveland where they would watch a Heat game and Tobin needs listeners to start funding his bail money. Tobin, Leroy, and the Beast brainstorm over the best outfit for Tobin to wear at the cavs game. The guys discuss some reasons for the Dolphins slow start to the season, and Matt Moore ever going to push Jay Cutler for the starting job. 


Tobin, Leroy, and The Beast listen to some Adam Gase sound and discuss who should be getting the blame for Jay Cutler's poor play. How long does Derek Jeter have down here before the city turns on him? The guys don't think Beast is going to ask Clinton Portis the tough questions, and give some examples of the types of questions he will ask. The Beast wants the Scorpions to play Rock You Like A Hurricane at halftime of the Canes game. Udonis chimes in on the Derek Jeter regime change. Nobody knows the name of our wing-eating intern, Colin or was it Scott. And Tobin does a Sweeties spot like Jay Ajayi. Are groin injurys the only thing keeping Funniest Home Videos alive? Will anyone ever give Michael Beasley a multi-year deal? 

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