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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Passing the Torch

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
February 12, 2018 - 12:57 pm


Tobin is fired up after Dwyane Wade returned and claimed he fixed the Heat especially Wayne Ellington and Tyler Johnson. Leroy tries to be the voice of reason and Tobin wasn't having it. Tobin says Justise Winslow is great for 75% of the play and then misses a layup. He calls him a fiddler crab and says he is always buffering. Leroy is fired up for Black Panther this weekend which leads to a tweet from Boston PD honoring white Red Auerbach on Black History Month. Marlins canceled the fish race at the ballpark. Leroy and Tobin get into a numbers argument when Leroy asks who would you rather take a 3 point shot late in the game Kobe or Lebron.


Australian fighter does a "Shoey" which he drinks beer from a shoe and The guys want to add that to the Dartboard of Doom. Tobin says skating is for people who can't run. Leroy says its harder than running. Leroy poses the question has Bam Adebayo already proven to be a better draft pick than Justise Winslow. Virinia played a basketball game that was 49-49 at the end of regulation and they come to Miami tomorrow night. How happy was Lebron yesterday for ruining Paul Pierce's retirement ceremony. The guys uncover a Bam Adebayo video from high school of doing a windmill. If the Cavs win the title does Dwyane Wade get a ring? If he does the guys wonder what he would do with it. Leroy says he will put it next to his other 3 and Tobin says he will throw it in Biscane Bay or Pawn it. Leroy says he like being miserable on a winning team. Tobin doesn't know what to do with Sammy Sosa being a White Cowboy.

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