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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Return of the Matt

Joined by Jeff Conine

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
August 04, 2017 - 12:38 pm


Tobin wears a tucan tang top and gets ripped by the guys and he reveals he'll wear anything than has a tucan on it. The guys notice Blaine Gabbert playing in the HOF Game last night and Leroy poses the question to Tobin if he would rather have Gabbert or Blake Bortles on the Jaguars. Beast reveals Rudy is one of three movies he cried in along with Beaches and Dead Poets Society. The guys assess Ryan Tannehill's injury situation. Leroy says the injury length depends on the position. Tobin wonders if Tannehill will try to come back becuase the Dolphins can cut him in March and would only be on the hook for $4.5 Million. The guys wonder what QB Adam Gase would want the Dolphins to sign between Jay Cutler and Colin Kaepernick. Dr. Chao from San Diego writes a piece suggesting that Ryan Tannehill should opt for surgery. Stephen A rips Jay Cutler and says he is not the answer for the Dolphins.


Beast wants no part of Tobin's tang top. Tobin says it is crazy that Jay Cutler could be the starting QB of the Dolphins. The guys are coming up with new ideas for the Dartboard of Doom and Leroy wants to know if there is a "Camo Romper." Tobin says Robbie would wear it all the time in public and it wouldnt even be a punishment. Beast suggests a Jim Morris punishment which is going to a batting cage and bunt and Tobin reveals he bunted on his face. Jeff Conine joins the show to talk about his upcoming poker tournament and a little Marlins talk as well. Leroy says Beast pulled out of working out yesterday to film Tobin doing the Pat Riley. Beast admits to wearing New Balance shoes. Tobin breaks down the beef between Pauli Malignaggi and Conor McGregor. The guys get ready for the show meeting at Leroy's house.

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