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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Rosen at 11?

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
February 21, 2018 - 12:46 pm


Tobin talks about Michael Buffer and Bruce Buffer both have famous catchprases but both very different and perfect for their sport. The Marlins brought back Cameron Maybin and it reminds Tobin of the Miguel Cabrera trade. Mel Kiper has the Dolphins drafting Josh Rosen in his latest Mock Draft and this leads to a conversation of would you trade Ryan Tannehill for a 1st round pick. Leroy says Jacksonville should approach that trade idea. Leroy and Beast accuse Jay Ajayi of acting up his british accent saying the accent wasn't that thick in college to which Tobin gets offended. The guys compare Jay Ajayi sound from the combine vs him a couple weeks ago. Leroy was shocked the Dolphins decided to franchise tag Jarvis Landry.


Tobin is on the hunt for another iguana roaming around his house. The guys wonder if any of the Marlins trades this offseason will turn out worse than the Miguel Cabrera trade. Tobin says that is impossible. Tobin is really hoping Lewis Brinson doesn't stink because he is a really likeable guy with a good personallity and he is a local kid. Robbie points out that Brinson batted .106 in the majors last year in 47 at bats and the guys think that is too small of a sample size. Leroy hates mock drafts and Tobin hates the NFL Combine and they both think nothing is worse than watcing practice without pads. Dwyane Wade gives high praise to Damian Lillard and Tobin thinks him recruiting and whale hunting is why he was brought back to the Heat. The term Deadbeat Jeets has gotten very popular around the world especially in Fantasy Baseball. Tobin translates Deadbeat Jeets in all different languages. Beast derails the show the last 2 minutes to kiss the ass of the boss.

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