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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Salty LeBron

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
May 22, 2017 - 3:04 pm


The show opens with the cold takes from the guys saying the Cavaliers were going to sweep the Celtics.Tobin is back from vacation and finds LeBron's salty post-game behavior hilarious.  Leroy understands LeBron's attitude at the press confrence after the loss. Windhorst is defending LeBron from hecklers. Beast lost out at on a big payday with the Preakness. The guys give an update on the bets. Beast explains his hatred on Drake. Tobin recalls his vacation at Disney World, which included people watching and dining with princesses. The guys discuss the various expenses when going to Disney. Tobin plots going to Dolphins practice disguised as a member of the British meida. Leroy had an encounter with a snake earlier today. Beast's son wants a beareded dragon but Beast is against it. He won't do anything other than dogs. Tobin wants to get a live animal mascot for the station. Even with a week vacation and LeBron struggling last night, Tobin finds Beast's failed segment idea, Ask Robbie, more amusing. Now, Beast is trying get a new segment called, Robbie's Locks of the Week. Robbie wants the theme song for his segment to be "The Gambler" by Kenny Rodgers. LeBron made Deron Williams move out of his seat last night. Leroy wants the the "romphim" added to the Dartboard of Doom. 


Tobin spent most of his Saturday watching boxing, which included a crazy scene where Andre Dirrell's uncle sukcer punching Jose Uzcategui in the face after the fight. Now, Baltimore Police are looking for Dirrell's uncle on assult charges. Leroy never trusts a skinny cook. Tobin is off the A-Rod owning the Marlins train because of an awkward high five between him and Joe Buck. The guys discuss A-Rod's prep notes that weren't about baseball. Beast gives an update on the Enes Kanter situation. Leroy tells a story when he was got into it with a fan while he was giving autographs after a loss. Leroy is accused on defending LeBron, even though that he's wearing a "Defend the Land" shirt today. ESPN is reporting that Shannon Briggs tested positive for increased testosterone levels. Tobin calls this a witch hunt and thinks theres some foul play involved. Beast thinks once athletes get to a certain age, they should do what ever they want. Tobin wants to start a #LetTheChampFight movement. Beast got a call from NFL refree Ed Hochuli on air over the weekend. Tobin is not a fan of college football's overtime rules. Leroy thinks its interesting that Loria hasn't fired Mattingly yet. Tobin thinks Loria has checked out and is waiting for his money. The guys look at the stats for most home runs among pitchers. Tobin bailed on paying Rainforest Cafe for three broken glass fish. Leroy beats the system at theme parks. 

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