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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Showtime!

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
August 10, 2017 - 12:22 pm


Beast forgets to tell the guys that the show is at the Hard Rock and Tobin and Leroy have to scramble to get there on time and rip into Beast. Leroy says he is not reading too much into tonight's Dolphins preseason opener. Leroy gives a breakdown of the PGA Championship. Robbie says Diet Coke is the most pointless soda because it tastes bad and is even worse for you than regular coke. The guys break down what they expect from Jordan Phillips tonight. Leroy breaks down what happens at Camp after the Preseason starts. Tobin asseses Jarvis Landry's contract situation and how it affects the cap. Kyrie was working out at the University of Miami and Tobin wonders if it is a sign of things to come. 


Carlos aka "Hoogle" ruins Beast's trivia and Beast calls him horrible and then Tobin and Leroy come to Carlos's defense and rip into Beast. Tobin discusses the tweets on the streets regarding Kyrie Irving meeting with Pat Riley. Tobin lashes out at the people sending him the fake Chris Broussard tweet that Kyrie has been traded to the Heat. Blake Bortles had a hard time figuring out the time zone in New England even thought it is the same as it is in Jacksonville. Leroy says he hates watching Hard Knocks because he went through training camp. The guys break down the Canes new black uniforms. Jeter and Mas remain in the hunt to buy the Marlins and Tobin still can't understand why Loria wants to sell to Jeter who doesn't have the money. The texters accuse Leroy of hating on the Canes and Robbie gets incensed saying they should be more mad at the Canes for giving Leroy all this ammunition.

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