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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Still Alive

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
April 23, 2018 - 12:36 pm


The show opens with discussions about the Sixers hopefully blowing a 3-1 lead. Leroy and Tobin go back and forth about how you can tell if a team is better than another. Tobin is jacked up and thinks the Heat will be the 12th team to comeback from down 3-1, saying game 5 will be the "swing game." According to Tobin, the Sixers have already punched themselves out. One of the guys thinks Tony Robbins should talk to Hassan Whiteside. Beast uses a quote from Animal House and losses a point for it. Rob Gronkowski is skipping voluntary offseason workouts. The guys disagree on why Philly is winning the series so far. Leroy shares his thoughts on unfunny people trying to be funny. The guys talk about the backlash they recieved for dart board of doom punishments. Tobin talks about how he outfoxed beast during one of his punishments. Beast wonders if its ok to make fun of Dario Saric. Tobin also rants on Whiteside's defense. Lance Stephenson had some great antics this weekend against the Cavs. Did Joel Embiid hurt Richardson intentionally? Beast critiques one of Tobin's Heat song remixes. Beast also admits to having a Bowflex machine because the infomercial convinced him (he's used it twice). 


Tobin thinks that Bill Bellichick is trying to ruin the career of the horse that Gronk owns. Leroy doesn't want the Dolphins to draft sny lineman or any of the quarterbacks. Trey Wingo joins the show to talk about the upcoming NFL Draft. Leroy and Trey disagree on the Dolphins drafting a guard. The guys find out that Mel Kiper seemingly never goes to the bathroom. Even Brett Brown has no clue how the Heat didn't win Game 4. The Heat forced 27 turnovers and still somehow lost. Reports surfaced recently that Popovich doesn't want Kawhi traded to anyone in the western conference. Tobin again fantasizes about Kawhi playing in a Heat uniform next season. He also thinks a trade for Kawhi would have to involve Goran Dragic. Robbie somehow uses a Star War analogy to prove a point on Kawhi. The guys then discuss their versions of the Star Wars movies they've seen and Tobin seems lost. The guys also talk about spoiling movies for the audience. Beast picks on Paul Finebaum. Some amateur boxer got koed in 1.2 seconds. The Yankees play by play guy is now singing when Giancarlo homers. 

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