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Tobin, Leroy and Beast: Still Not Over It

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
September 27, 2017 - 12:42 pm


The guys go over the Pope of Team Petty's texts reacting to the Dwyane Wade signing, followed by a Team Petty perspective update by Tobin. Also, is UM in hot water over these NCAA allegations? The guys discuss the latest on Dion Waiters' ankle situation and go into some Dolphins talk and the upcoming Saints matchup. Are all of the knockout videos Tobin watches at home having an effect on his one year old son? How much integrity is left in college basketball and is this NCAA violations story just the tip of the iceberg? The guys discuss whether or not Leroy is a Heat hater, and go over some Miami Marlins news on the sale of the team. 


Tobin, Leroy, and the Beast go over some new possibilities for the Dartboard of Doom. Just how excited is the Royal Family for Jay Ajayi to be playing in London this week and does Ajayi deserve to be knighted? The guys get into a heated debate on the famous people that have been knighted and if Jay Ajayi should be among them. Leroy contemplates divorce after his wife tries to use his grill for zucchini and did Ric Flair really sleep with 10,000 women? A statement from Jeffrey Loria brings out a rant from Tobin. And is today one of the worst sports days in South Florida since LeBron left?

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