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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Still Overrated

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
May 07, 2018 - 2:07 pm


Tobin describes his fishing trip this weekend with his in-laws. The guys discuss how likely Hassan Whiteside will get traded. Robbie makes note that the Marlins are the last place divisional team closest to 1st place. Tobin says he will be in hiding for a Cavs-Celtics Eastern Conference Finals. Pistons parted ways with Stan Van Gundy and Tobin says its because Andre Drummond wasn't Dwight Howard. David Fizdale allegedly had a sick burn on Marc Gasol when he was coaching the Grizzlies. Beast says he would sell his bowflex to Stan Van Gundy. Beast says if he has surgery on his boot he would be on a knee scooter. The guys want to sponsor the show. Dion Waiters recomends to Hassan Whiteside to bite his tongue and go to the gym. The guys wonder how the Heat are feeling after seeing the Celtics go up 3-0 on the Sixers. Do Heat fans believe that Brad Stevens would have the Heat up 3-0 on the Sixers.


Tobin still says Brad Stevens is overrated. Leroy says Tobin needs to reevaluate his logic and says he sees Tobin on the Moon. Leroy says he saw an Asian speaking with an Australian accent and Robbie chimes in with Jason Day as someone of Asian decent who is Australian. Things get very weird and awkward as heated debates about Jason Day's origins arise. It turns out Jason Day's mom was born in the Phillipines.  Tobin tries to give Robbie a point but Leroy wont let him and is referred to as "Leroy Godell." Stephen Ross according to a report wanted the Dolphins to trade down and get more picks and save money on a 1st rounder. Leroy is subject to the Dartboard of Doom.


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