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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Suh Out

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
March 12, 2018 - 12:32 pm


Leroy has car trouble and is irate. The guys discuss the NFL free agency news incluning Ndamukong Suh being cut. Canes play Loyola-Chicago at 3:10 on Thursday to which Robbie is happy that it is not during the show. Leroy has to play golf during that time and Beast questions why the golf tournament director would have his tournament the same weekend of March Madness. Leroy still says Suh was worth his guaranteed money. Tobin is out and Beast has no idea why he is out so the guys try to come up with reasons. Beast and Leroy play GM for the Dolphins and Leroy says the Dolphins should not draft a QB and Beast disagrees and that leads to a heated debate. Beast sprains a ligament playing tennis with his son and Leroy tells Beast that none of his ligaments don't work.


Leroy says he had no idea Richard Sherman signed with the 49ers because he was watching golf. Beast says he think we are all going to get fired up for the Panthers and that they will not make the playoffs. Beast shouts off events that happened in history that Leroy might not have known about. Leroy says Tiger is back. Leroy was contemplating eating butt nuts that fall on the seat. Beast wants James Johnson to be more consistent. Robbie says that Justise Winlsow needs to take it easy at the end of blowout games. Beast cant live without his orthotics. Florida wants to make Daylight Savings year round. The guys get into why Daylight Savings time exists. Beast isn't down with the possibility of 9:30 PM kickoffs for Monday Night Football and 2 and 5 PM NFL Sunday Kickoffs. This leads into an argument about who should be on the Monday Night Football booth with Joe Tessitore replacing Sean McDonough.

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