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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Survived the Hangover

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
November 20, 2017 - 2:52 pm


Beast complains about the line at Versailles being too long at halftime of the Canes game for a cafecito. Beast says that there should be a double turnover chain for the ones that cause the turnover that someone else recovers. Jay Cutler is in concussion protocol and Tobin and Beast wonder why he came back to play football this year. A huge crocodile breaks out on Miami Beach. Tobin thinks Jay Cutler won't play anymore this year. Tobin does his Adam Gase voice to re-enact the sales pitch he made to Jay Cutler during training camp. The guys talk about the noon atmosphere the Canes had at Hard Rock on Saturday. Tobin calls out the Gator fan for welching on his bet. Beast has to go streaking becuase the Canes beat ND by 2+ TDs but corporate won't let him and Tobin tries to figure out ways for him to do so.


Tobin and Beast discuss the beef between Donald Trump and LaVar Ball. Beast says that skittles are overrated and Tobin is outraged. Oregon copies the turnover chain from Miami and its not as cool. Tobin and Beast wonder who will take the UCLA job and who will take the Gators job between Chip Kelly and Lane Kiffin. Erik Spoelstra is upset after last night's debacle at home against the Pacers. The Texters submit trade ideas to fix the Miami Heat. Tobin calls out the Wellington Mall Santa again. Beast offers to be the Santa. Beast tries to say that Santa is not real and then gets dumped. Tobin does Adam Gase as a Mall Santa.

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