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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Sweep The Weekend

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
October 16, 2017 - 1:39 pm


The guys are overjoyed about Miami sweeping the football weekend over Atlanta both with second half comebacks. All the big underdogs of the weekend covered...except for Leroy's Browns. Robbie has a solid weekend on his Magnificent 7 and his NFL picks, while beast goes 0-3 again and is 1-14 on the season in NFL picks. Beast says he will be dissappointed if the Canes don't make it to the ACC Championship game and says Malik needs to have better 1st halves. Dick Stockton had an all-time broadcasting flub going into halftime of the Jaguars game yesterday. 


Its National Boss Day and Beast reveals that if the CEO of Entercom were to come into the building complaining about his feet, Beast would lick his feet. Beast complains about baseball games starting at 8:08 instead of 8 PM or 8:05 or 8:10. Tobin says Justin Turner passed Carson Wentz as the lead ginger. This leads to a debate about who is more famous a World Series MVP or a Super Bowl MVP. Leroy says Snapple is brilliant for changing to plastic bottles and Tobin and Beast adamantly vouch for the glass bottle as far superior. A texter chimes in that Leroy doesn't like glass bottles because he fumbles too much. During 15 Minutes of Heat the guys adress the Hassan Whiteside-Joel Embiid beef. Oddly enough while Whiteside is discussing the beef, Leory fumbles his snapple all over his laptop. Adam Gase adresses the criticism of the offense. Tobin shows the guys the knockout of the week. The guys discuss the Canes postseason changes and if Canes fans should be dissappointed if they lose to anyone besides Clemson. Robbie points out that Clemson is not assured the Atlantic title and that it could come down to the "Textile Bowl" which is their game against N.C State. The guys are perplexed that that is a real name of a rivalry series and Tobin says their shouldn't be a name when the series is 56-28

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