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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: They said the same thing about Jordan

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
January 11, 2018 - 12:46 pm


Show opens with Bam Adebayo highlights. Leroy previously said Bam is the next MJ. The guys talk about the streaking Heat, winners of six straight. The guys talk about the Heat being 55-27 in their past 82 games, good for the 1 seed in the East in that time span. Hassan Whiteside is getting his jersey retired at his old high school. Fetty Wap attended the same high school as Whiteside. London is hosting three NFL games next season. Marshawn Lynch goes up gainst his former team across the pond. The guys discuss if Gruden and Lynch will get along. The Beast asks "will we ever find out anything bad about Tim Tebow?"  Tobin brings up the scenario where the Mets trade Tim Tebow and "some bums" to the Marlins for Christian Yelich. Justin Bour is going to be lonely next season. Tobin can't wait for Sunday's Heat-Bucks game. Tobin doesn't like Giannis Antetokounmpo not wanting to play in Miami. Beast says the Heat should trade Whiteside. The guys discuss if the Heat need a superstar to win a title. The guys discuss the upcoming Titans-Patriots game and if the "pride rule" is enough for the Titans (13.5 point underdogs) and the Jaguars. Erik Spolestra was angry during a 6-5 game. Blake Bortles compares himself to Lebron. Tobin says Bortles will either have the worst game of his life or dominate for his haters. Is there Matt Patricia rat poison? Beast says the Patriots don't get botherered by distractions. 


The guys talk about the upcoming MLK holiday and Beast complaining about his optimist league having an all-star game that weekend and Beast's son not being able to play because they are out of town. Beast says the guys should visit Australia. Tobin and Leroy make fun of Beast. Leroy does NOT like snakes. Tobin wants to bring a lemur in the studio. Tobin wants Real Tarzann to bring his anaconda, Leroy says he will lose his job if a 2-foot snake is brought in. The guys talk about the play of Bam motivating Whiteside. Leroy says quarterbacks have their best year when a new quarterback is brought in. Ex. Brett Favre-Aaron Rodgers. Tyler Johnson has been playing well recently. The guys debate if drafting a QB to sit behind the starter is better than drafting a different position. Leroy and Tobin debate if Isaiah Thomas will get 30 million a year. 2021 is a big year in NBA free agency. Tobin says the Jags will be in the Super Bowl. Leroy has difficulty telling the difference between a lemur, an emu and a llama. Should the Jags run the wildcat against the Steelers? Beast wants to interview Matisyahu on the show tomorrow without Tobin and Leroy's permission. 

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