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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Thundercats

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
May 31, 2018 - 1:33 pm


The show was hype for the pregame show Vegas put on before last nights Game 2. Beast starts the Headlines with OTAs. Leroy says tonights NBA Finals is a pride game for the Cavs being 13 point underdogs. Tobin knows all the name of the thundercats and wants a thundercat show before Florida Panthers game. Beast tells a story of a radio broadcaster going #1 inside Albert The Alligator's head during a baseball Super Regional. Leroy and Tobin wonder why the Univerity of Miami has a different mascott for baseball. The guys try to figure out if there are any rock bands from south florida. Tobin asks the crew if anyone has the cojones to pick the Cavs in the Finals. Leroy wanto put his picture all over the building so people would know who he is. Tobin says Juwon Howard has paid his dues and not in the same light as Shane Battier if he were to leave for Detroit. 


Kenny Stills says he is not sure what to do during the national anthem next year. Leroy says all the NFL had to do was bring in DeMaurice Smith and have a conversation. Tobin breaks down the kicking battle with the Miami Dolphins. The guys find out Adam Schefter has way more followers than Woj. Beast suspects Woj feeds Shams Charania news. Tobin and Leroy don't buy it. Tobin wonders if the Miami Heat would find a fake Pat Riley burner account funny. Lebron James addresses his relationship with Dan Gilbert and whether it will affect his Free Agency. Tobin confesses to owning a cat.

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