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Tobin, Leroy and Beast: Tua Words for You

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
January 09, 2018 - 3:50 pm


The guys start the show arguing about where Redneck Paradise is. Leroy breaks down the last play of the National Championship Game. The guys name some great lefty quarterbacks. Beast and Leroy are excited about the new Black Panther Trailer. The guys talk about what it would be like if it was a Jaguars-Vikings Super Bowl. Tobin reveals he started the Ken Dosey back to Miami 12 minutes before Beast did. Beast wants an 8 team playoff and Tobin and Leroy say that wouldn’t help UCF and that Beast would be furious if UCF got in over a 1-loss Miami. Beast goes off on Cooper City Optimist! The Ball Brothers make their debut in Lithuania. Leroy thinks Lavar Ball is ruining his kids careers. The guys get into the National Championship game last night and Tobin points out that Saban had Tua to go to as a backup and Miami had Scheriffs. Tobin brings up the possibility of Bill Belichick watching Doug Marrone hoist up the AFC Championship Trophy and Leroy says it is not funny watching someone else hoist the trophy on your field.


Leroy and Beast accuse Tobin of jumping on the Jaguars bandwagon because he not fall for the Jaguars rope a dope with Blake Bortles. The guys try to figure out a way to get Ken Dorsey on the Dolphins. The guys preview the Heat-Raptors tonight with Kyle Lowry out for the Raptors. The Cavs got pounded by the Wolves last night and one has to wonder if Lebron is worried about the Heat. Tobin thinks it wouldn’t end well for Isaiah Thomas if he did that clothesline to James Johnson. The guys scramble to find a Canadian to answer how poutine is pronounced. Beast is waiting for his orthotics before he decides to get the surgery on his foot. Robbie had to pay off getting back waxed over the weekend Beast says the back waxing of Robbie never happened for legal reasons.​

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