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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Turnaround Game?

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
February 07, 2018 - 1:31 pm


Tobin throws it to Beast for National Signing Day coverage and Beast says he doesn't care anymore. Beast wants to blame Patrick Surtain Sr. for allowing his players including his son to go elsewhere. Tobin wants Wayne Ellington out of the 3 poing contest. The guys break down the schenanigans with Josh McDaniels doing the old switcheroo and staying with the Patriots. The guys debate if the Greek Freak is the greatest athlete ever which leads to a discussion about Greek Mythology to which Tobin says "we sound like four idiots." The Marlins announced the 25th anniversary logo and its a throwback to which Tobin likes. Jeter then had some quotes that made Tobin upset again. Leroy says teal hats are stupid and Tobin and Beast love the teal. The guys talk about cheap pop bad teams to such as bring in Dan Marino or other celebrities to throw out 1st pitch. Leroy invents animals. Leroy brings up how bathroom attendants at a strip club make you feel uncomfortable. The crew wonders who has a deeper voice between Nick Foles and Andrew Luck. How would Dan Campbell handle Andrew Luck. 


The guys wonder if trading Justise Winslow for Tyreke Evans is a good move. Tobin has a theory that Bill Belichick will return to Cleveland in a year and return the Browns to Glory. He also suggests that Leroy Hoard will be in the front office. Leroy is adamant that Bill will never go back there. The Texas Rangers traded QB Russell Wilson's rights to the Yankees and Tobin wonders if he could play with the Marlins in the offseason. The guys try to remember old centers the Miami Heat had to stop Roy Hibbert during the Big 3. Who wins a PR battle between Dan Gilbert and Lebron. Tobin couldn't picture Billy Bob Thornton as a football coach and Leroy counters with other ridiculous coaches in movies. A debate arises when the question is asked what would Pat Riley do in Dan Gilbert's situation with Lebron and the Brooklyn Draft pick.

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