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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Who Would You Rather Beat?

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
October 30, 2017 - 2:48 pm


It's cold outside so Robbie doesn't wear his crocs and the guys are all perplexed he is not wearing any camo. Beast and Robbie are in for a showdown tonight as Beast has the Kansas City Chiefs -7 at home against the Denver Broncos tonight and if they cover Robbie has to go to the Dartboard and if they don't Beast will be summoned. The guys asses the Zach Miller situation. Beast doesn't want to use the phrase "dilly dilly." The guys announce a couple new punishments that would be put up on the Dartboard of Doom. Tobin rips Adam Gase for ripping Jay Ajayi for trying to hit home runs every time and not taking the 4-5 yards given to him. Tobin says the writers are going to ruin the World Series with all these juiced balls articles. Leroy breaks down the scheming by the NFL Owners to stop the Roger Goodell extension. The guys get into a heated argument about if you had to pick one of the two upcoming games for the Canes to win (VT or ND) which would you pick. Beast and Leroy say they would rather beat Virginia Tech and secure the Coastal. Tobin and Robbie are adamant that they would much rather see the Canes beat Notre Dame.


Skip Bayless wishes Happy Birthday to Tobin and that leads to the guys breaking down the beef between Stephean A and J.R Smith. Tobin is concerned about Dion Waiters and the Heat having a team meeting so early in the season. The Boston Celtics have a new big man from New Zealand and Tobin calls him a dingo which leads to a heated argument about whether there are dingoes in New Zealand (There isn't) and whether kiwis and ibisis are the same. Leroy had a rough weekend in Daytona visiting his son at Bethune-Cookman. Leroy reveals they do "butt cam" at BCC Football games. All this convinves Leroy to buy Season Tickets for Bethune.

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