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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Who's Got The Power?

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
September 12, 2017 - 2:57 pm


Tobin and Leroy are back for the first time after Irna. Tobin has power and Leroy doesn't and Leroy says everytime he walks in his house it reminds him of bad choices he made like not getting a generator. The guys wonder if the Marlins cheaped out on their roof that sustained damage in the ballpark. Tobin kicked Beast's ass in fantasy football without Jay Ajayi and claims his tandem of Ajayi and Leonard Fournette are the best tandem in the league. Tobin goes off on Tom Brady for complaining about having 3 extra days to sulk over a loss. Tobin says the best thing over the weekend was the Jaguars winning and dropping in 10 sacks. Leroy rants on the rooters during the hurricane. Tobin was worried about getting arrested because he had to be up so early for the Morning Show. Leroy asks questions about the football he missed. 


The guys talk about whether Dwyane Wade would come back to the Heat and play a bench role or join the Cavs and make the Finals. The guys compare the Adrian Peterson situation with the Saints to Dwyane Wade on the Bulls and dealing with Fred Hoiberg. Tobin says he will tired of hearing Oscar De La Hoya talk about the GGG-Canelo. Tobin says this is the worst year of UFC history. Tobin, Leroy, and Robbie get into a heated debate about the canceling of the Arkansas State game. Tobin says he doesn't blame the NFL for not giving the Dolphins back the London game because of the huge marketing opportunity with Jay Ajayi. Leroy is still upset about not having the power.

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