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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Win or Go Home

Joined by Dada 5000 in Studio

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
April 24, 2018 - 1:57 pm


Tobin insists that tonight is the Thunderdoom and 2 teams enter and both are going back to Miami for a Game 6. Beast and Leroy don't believe Tobin is that confident. Tobin excomunicates Beast. Leroy says the Browns should stay away from Baker Mayfield because he is too similar to Johnny Manziel. Tobin has been dissapointed in Goran Dragic after he put his honor on the line for him. Shaq ripped Whiteside so hard at halftime. The guys wonder when traffic in Miami will get better. Robbie does his final Draft Room this time breaking down the linebackers. Tobin and Leroy discuss how they would feel if the Dolphins drafted a QB.


Russell Westbrook might be suspended for a pivotal Game 5. Leroy says if the Marlins were playing in his car he would look away. Tobin acuses Adam Schefter of posturing with the news that the Browns might take Baker Mayfield. Dada 5000 joins the show in studio to talk about Dogfight 2. The guys break down what the Heat have to do to win tonight. Beast disagrees with Tobin when he says Hassan is a rat fink. The guys debate what happened in the Last Supper. Beast says he is a drummer but drums too early in "In The Air Tonight." Leroy says there is nothing the Heat can do, the Sixers are just better. The guys give their score predictions for tonight's game.

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