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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Lonesome Loser

February 06, 2018 - 1:48 pm


The guys are hot after the Heat lost to the Magic last night. Tobin and Beast get into an argument about whether the vice jerseys are an issue. Beast says the Heat need to make a trade just to shake it up. Zaslow's kids soccer team beat Beast's kids team and Zaslow wasn't there to coach and Beast says Zaslow's team played better because of it. Tobin says Spoelstra would have rather played Joel Anthony in street clothes last night than play Hassan Whiteside in the 4th quarter. Tobin wonders if Justise Winlsow is the mush. Leroy explains that there are people who have good numbers and don't impact the game and others who don't put up numbers and impact the game. Tobin thinks Justise is a fiddler crap around the rim while Slim from the Morning show points out that the numbers say otherwise.


Robbie put out the poll question about who has ruined their team more with their ego Pat Riley or Adam Gase and the TLB are livid with the poll. Robbie calls Zack Duarte the President of the "Heat Bro Ingrates" which is a faction of Heat fans that hated Dwyane Wade. The guys try to figure out who burglarized Rob Gronkowski's home. Beast wonders what will happen to Malcolm Butler on the Patriots. Tobin makes a dart board of doom bet that the Heat will lose to the Memphis Grizzlies right after the All-Star Break. Stephen A Smith believes that Dan Gilbert wants Lebron James to leave so that he doesn't hold him hostage anymore. He also says he would try to get Lebron to waive his no-trade clause if he were Dan Gilbert. The guys discuss the power struggle between Lebron and Gilbert.

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