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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Psychological Collapse?

June 12, 2017 - 2:54 pm


Tobin filled in for Zaslow on the morning show today. Leroy doesn't take days off. Beast's Tebow punishment continues. Michelob Ultra guys saved Beast from wearing the Tebow jersey at Dave and Busters. Tobin won't let his daugher see Wonder Woman. Robbie thinks the Warriors are "pyschologically broken" after having four victory parties cancelled. Leroy recalled when his NFC Championship victory party was cancelled. Richard Jefferson says all the pressure is on the Warriors. The guys go over some sick knockouts from over the weekend. One was a cheap shot and one was a kick below the belt, which the guys call a "crime against man." Do we have the date for McGregor-Mayweather? Interesting social media activity concerning NBA free agency. Is Paul George considering coming to Miami? Hayward's kid is wearing a shamrock shirt. Hayward to Boston? Leroy prefers Paul George over Gordon Hayward. Beast thinks Hayward would be a perfect fit with the Celtics. Patriots trolling Falcons with their Super Bowl rings. Tobin has a mysterious safe that was there when he bought his house. Aaron Judge is the new power sheriff in baseball. Will he fix his teeth? Judge's numbers are better than Stanton's. Leroy wonders if Judge strikes out on the same pitch like Stanton does. The Home Run Derby between Stanton and Judge is going to be crazy! James Johnson not giving us much on whether he'll take a home town discount. Leroy can't see the guys who haven't got big pay days will take a discount. 


The guys debate the top pyschological breakdowns in sports. Rob Parker and Rick Barry went at each other. Tobin thinks Game 4 was fixed. The Boogie Man is the new Panthers head coach? Tobin says if the Warriors lose this series, Steph Curry to the Heat is back on the table.The Heat won't trade for Klay Thompson. Leroy thinks Klay would be a better fit with the Heat. Tobin pulled the journalist move of calling Draymond Green the emotional leader of the Warriors. Leroy can't stand it when that term is used. Football players used crazy things to get them on the field. Tobin doesn't like Paul George because of he got catfished and other factors. Beast isn't doing the show Friday while the guys are in Vegas because he'll be at the Father's Day event. Leroy wished Rick Barry went after someone else. He thinks its hilarious a journalist used the athlete card on a former athlete. LeBron is throwing shade at Tom Brady on being the G.O.A.T. Beast won't put Brady in there with greatest athlete. The guys debate athelete vs. player. Tobin believes LeBron wants Brady out of the conversation because Brady has more rings. Beast lashes out at Tobin for bringing it up only because LeBron was involved. 

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