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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Awesome Moment

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
August 06, 2019 - 5:35 am


Isan Diaz awesome moment yesterday. Leroy was pissed Marlins dropped game 2. Who is better with age Vince Carter or Tom Brady? Leroy says Tom Brady would like Carmelo if he was playing basketball. Canes had a scrimmage in which the offensive line played poorly. Tobin talks to Rhinos at Lion Country Safari and gets boxed in by his daughter.


According to reports, UD is coming back for another year which leads to a barrage of slander from Leroy. Hard Knocks back tonight. Freddie Kitchens rips former OL coach Bob Wylie. Hedgehogs doing it were too loud and police investigated in Germany.


Brian Flores gives praise to John Denney. Isan Diaz's dad was in awe of his son's HR off deGrom. Brian Flores speaks on Rosen QB of late. Bam Adebayo balling out for team USA. Beast tries to go with the line that the Gator game is not a conference game. Is it smart to count steps.


Dolphins preseason in a couple days, how will the new announcing team be? Does OJ want to be back in the football booth? Coaches with the best feet. Is Nick Saban's hair real? Leroy wants to take the crew to Louisiana. Ryan Fitzpatrick expected to be the starter for the preseason opener. Dolphins depth chart. Tobin wants to feed sour patch kids to animals. Old Town Road still #1 on the billboard charts. Tobin vs Ostrich.


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