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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: That's a Lot of Smoke

Joined by David Ovalle

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
August 15, 2019 - 7:31 am


Brian Flores brings up body language again. Mike Tyson smoking a lot of weed. Jimmy Butler following Bradley Beal on IG. When is it time to pull the plug on Lewis Brinson? Conor McGregor hit an old man at the pub. If a celebrity offers you a free shot do you have to take it? Draymond Green does a beast and makes things weird on The Jump. Old Team Petty resurfaces.


Shannon Briggs announces he is joining the show next week. Texter gives insight on what you can do with the amount of weed Mike Tyson buys. Leroy says Michigan won't go to Miami because of attendance but the have a road trip scheduled with UCLA who has worse attendance. Is the Penguin the weakest Batman villan. More Canes-Gators games in the future? FSU player loses to tackling dummy in practice. Minkah Fitzpatrick addresses his mom's tweet.


Ron Magill rips the The Real Tarzann saying he is not a real conservationist. Macho Marlins Man has some words for Will Manso. Melo working out with Nets, will he ever let it go? More Flo'osophy. What NFL coaches or players would wear cologne? Internet sluething on John Wall and Jimmy Butler's IG. Is Ja Rule out of the woods for the Fyrefest? Tobin doesn't find Aliens interesting.


Ohio State wants to trademark "The." Athletes most likely to have a cat. David Ovalle joins the show to talk about his story about The Real Tarzann. Doom Box Draw for the weekend. Tobin rips Baker Mayfield for saying people want the Browns to fail.

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