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Tobin, Leroy & Beast: Football Indecent Proposal

Tobin & Leroy
September 09, 2019 - 10:34 am


The Miami Dolphins get whooped 59-10. Tanking hurts to watch a lot more than Dolfans thought it was. Do they have guts to stick it out. Tobin says this is Football Indecent Proposal. Is it worth watching your wife shag someone else for the prize. The Miami Hurricanes start 0-2 for the first time since 1978. 4th & 17 hurt really bad. Why is this season the opposite of last season. Defensive coach, defensive dissapointments. Last year with QB coach it was the offense letting them down.


Tobin goes after the Canes Football Twitter account for blasting fans. They can't get upset for being upset with fans being pissed at an 0-2 start. If you put out a positive video, expect bad responses. Will Bill Belichick go easy on Brian Flores this week? Jaguars lose Nick Foles already. They replace him with a mustachioed wonder kid. The Patriots are cheating the system again in getting Antonio Brown. They must be stopped. 


Larry Csonka said Sunday was tough to watch and wants to take up golf. OJ Simpson wants Roger Goodell to fine Dolphins ownership. Anything positive to take from the Dolphins game? Davon Godchaux also feels a little too froggy with his tweet following a 59-10. Do you fear for Ryan Fitzpatrick's health. Leroy and Beast both come close to breaking the Fitzpatrick oath. The Canes being 0-2 ruins our chance to making fun of FSU. Season slogan - Dolphins Football: Buckle Up. Was Lamar Jackson's performance more a credit to him or the Dolphins being awful.


The crew tries to figure out what players want off the Dolphins already. Robbie aka "Mr. Needs" rereacks the Dolphins needs from 13 to 20 needs. The guys discuss Khabib's win over Dustin Poirier. Manny Diaz says 4 & 17 will haunt them all year. Will this year be good enough for haunting? Tobin wants a Jorge Masvidal vs Nate Diaz watch party. Does Tom Brady make love to his wife during the season or is he too focused on football. What will be the next thing OJ comments on in sports?

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