Black Cat with the Football!

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Zaslow & Amber: The Monday Night Football Black Cat

Featuring Interviews with Ira Winderman & Will Brinson

Zaslow & Amber
November 05, 2019 - 3:07 pm

On Tuesday's Z & A show, the dynamic duo talked about the MNF Black Cat, sandwich etiquette, Daylight Savings Time, the Heat and NFL!

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Zas and Amber spend the second-hour wondering if a Black Cat is getting more action than The New York Giants? The Dynamic Twosome also wonders what's proper sandwich etiquette and is not knowing it grounds for a breakup?

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Do We Still Need Daylight Savings Time? Zas and Amber spend a little too much time on it.

Listen to Hour 3

The Sun-Sentinel Ira Winderman joins the show to talk Heat Basketball 

Listen to Hour 4 Will Brinson joins the show to talk NFL news, Z&A have fun at Mike Francesa's Farting expense.


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